David Homoleta [American Idol]

Is baby-faced, sort-of-bland American Idol runner-up David Archuleta a li’l homo? Speculation that he bats for Team Sparkle has arisen following a less-than-definitive answer he offered reporters about his love-life (or lack of):

“I just don’t want to deal with that [girlfriend] drama right now. I just want to be able focus on music. When I feel like I’ve met a girl who has a great personality, and who is someone I can connect with, and who has good standards for themselves and who has respect for themselves, and who cares for others as well… It’s just something I will definitely want to focus on later in life when I’m ready. But I just feel like I’m so young.”

Apparently Archuleta’s non-answer, which is exactly what you’d expect a 17-year-old goody-two-shoes Mormon boy to say, makes him the next Clay Aiken. So… we should expect Archuleta to get a creepy pageboy haircut, declare he’s asexual and send naked pictures of himself to randoms on the internet, then?



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