A wizard did it [Lost]

Why did reporters probing the Oceanic 6 waste time sniping at Hurley about how thin he isn’t when they could’ve been asking more pressing questions like, say, why a Sydney-to-LA flight crashed off the coast of Indonesia instead of the middle of the Pacific Ocean?

Entertainment Weekly‘s Lost guru Doc Jensen (who writes profoundly literary analyses of each episode, if ruminating on philosophical subtext is your thing) posed the question to Team Darlton, who revealed that the apparent geographic discrepancy isn’t a plot hole. Sez Carlton Cuse:

“Obviously, the location of the supposed wreckage of 815 has been known by everybody for a while – that’s not news. Beyond that, Damon and I don’t want to say much more. More info on all this will be forthcoming, but not until next season.”

Translation: “Shit, that is a plot hole. Give us eight months to invent a way to fill it.”



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