How it was meant to end [Gossip Girl]

So remember how I bitched that Gossip Girl wrapped up a little too nicely, with no real “OMFG!” cliffhanger? It wasn’t always supposed to be that way: a casting director who works on the show reveals that original drafts of the finale ended with a melodramatic death! Find out who should’ve died after the jump.

So according to casting director Renee Godbout, who saw early drafts of the finale’s script, this is how it all went down:

Instead of waiting at the helicopter pad for Chuck (Ed Westwick), Blair (Leighton Meester) is actually waiting at the airport. She runs into Carter Baizen (Sebastian Stan), our favorite bad boy who made a guest appearance earlier in the series. She tells Carter that she and Chuck are together, and that she’s waiting for him. Blair continues to look at her watch, nervously watching the time fly by. Carter suggests that this is exactly the type of game Chuck would play: Making her believe he was in love with her and then leaving her stranded alone at the airport. Blair doesn’t believe that… at first. As it gets later and later, Carter’s suggestion makes more and more sense. 

At the same time, Chuck is in his limo, impatiently waiting in traffic. He is complaining to the driver about the traffic when they come upon a car accident. Chuck sees Lily sitting on the curb. She’s crying, clutching a lily in her hand, and is hunched over what looks like a body. Someone is draping a cloth over the body’s head. Chuck tells the driver to stop and gets out of the car. Lily looks up, sees him, and shakes her head at his questioning glance. Chuck’s father is dead. 

Unaware of this, Blair is finally convinced that Chuck has stood her up and decides to go to Europe with Carter instead. End of episode. 

OMFG! That ending would have been so ridiculously soapy, though it would’ve struck some much-needed angst into the otherwise very nice-nice finale. Perhaps Bart’s death is a dramatic twist the writers are saving up for season two…?



2 Responses to “How it was meant to end [Gossip Girl]”

  1. Chace looks so f-ing hot in that photo. Chuck Bass, as usual, looks like a total fug.

  2. Word. Even Penn looks fug with his weird shaved head.

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