The real-life Gossip Girl [Gossip Girl]

You have to admire teenage girls: there’s no one crueler. (Well… except for Jonathan Pease. Who’s kind of like a teenage girl in an adult man’s body anyway, so it doesn’t count.)

A real-life Gossip Girl who calls herself Miss ITK (short for “In The Know”) has caused an Upper East Side stir with a blog that chronicles the adolescent social set and imitates the show’s bitchy, insider tone. An excerpt from the blog, which has mysteriously dropped off the internet:

“He fell so fast, even seventh graders won’t hook up with him,” one post read. “Now that’s GOTTA hurt. Dear Tommy, rip up those tickets to the top, because you’re headed on a one-way trip to the B-list. Love, ITK.”

Ha! The only people more upset than the girls and boys who’ve been written about in the blog are the losers who don’t even rate a mention.

[Link, via TV Tattle]


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