Virtuality is a reality [Virtuality]

io9 has the scoop on Ron Moore’s new sci-fi drama Virtuality; we’ve known for a while that the show is about the crew of Earth’s first spaceship, who use virtual-reality modules to occupy themselves on the long journey to a distant star system, but there’s a tonne of other stuff going on too.

Aside from the mysterious “Green Eyed Man” who’s murdering and raping and generally getting up to mischief in the simulated world, there’s also an unexpected reality TV subplot:

The ship is one huge “reality TV” show, which is broadcast back on Earth. The ship’s computer whiz, Billie, becomes the “host” of the show, which is struggling with declining ratings — so she has to find ways to increase the show’s “drama” to make it more compelling viewing.

Can’t say I saw that one coming.



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