The DVD with a billion laughs [Futurama]

Those lucky bastards at Screenjabber got hold of a (supposedly legal) copy of the next Futurama DVD instalment, The Beast With a Billion Backs, and their nerdliciously positive review has got me really, really excited for June 24.

The feature – which is “funnier” and “slightly more adult” than Bender’s Big Score – is heavily geared towards fans and features the return of Zapp Brannigan, the Harlem Globetrotters, the Robot Devil, the snu snu-lovin’ Amazonians and a few other Futurama favourites. Did I already say that I’m really looking forward to this? Because I’m really looking forward to this.

Screenjabber’s mildly-spoilery-but-not-really plot synopsis, after the jump.

The Beast picks up where Bender’s Score left off. It’s been one month “since space ripped open like flimsy human skin”, as newsreader Morbo pleasantly informs us. It turns out that the cosmic anomaly is actually a gateway to another universe. But before we learn any more about the rip, it’s time to move on to Plotline B in which Fry has found himself a new girlfriend, named Colleen (Murphy). Everyone’s happy for him – even Zoidberg, who keeps joyfully vomiting from both his seawater and freshwater stomachs. Good news for Amy, too – Kif has asked her to be his Fonfon Ru, which I guess is kinda like a wife. Or something. After a quick side trip to Kif’s homeworld of Amphibios 9 for the ceremony (conducted by the ubiquitous midwife, from the episode where Kif got pregnant) we’re back on Earth where Fry decides to move in with Colleen. Even after making the horrifying discovery that he is merely one of the five boyfriends she shares her apartment with. Meanwhile, back at the anomaly, Farnsworth and his mortal enemy, Professor Wornstrom, vie for the right to send a mission to explore the thing. And in a further strand (which we’ll cleverly call Plotline C) Bender discovers that the mythical League of Robots is actually real – and run by his hero, Calculon.

[Link, via TV Squad]


3 Responses to “The DVD with a billion laughs [Futurama]”

  1. pondie84 Says:

    I have to say although Bender’s Big Score wasn’t quite as satisfying as I’d have wanted (I wish they’d kill musical scenes altogether) I still am pretty excited for this one.

    Excited enough to download it that is.

  2. Ha! I’d agree with you, but I don’t condone internet downloads in any way, shape or form, ahem.

    And word about the musical scenes; hopefully the one in Score was just a one-off to celebrate the show’s return.

  3. Linkstar Says:

    I quite liked Bender’s big score. I was just so happy to have the show back so that may have had something to do with my love for that movie 🙂

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