Brand binge [Australia’s Next Top Model]

What. The. Eff. The judges booted Alamela? Dear, sweet, too-prim-to-be-real Alamela? Alamela, who I didn’t even know was my favourite until Jodhi Meares shoved her off the catwalk? Alamela, who was booted just days after her bullying ordeal? Her exit leaves us with a motley crew of thick-tongued ladettes – who am I supposed to root for now? Ugly Caris?!

Last week’s bullying was such a Big Deal that Jodhi tacked on a PDA at the front of the episode reminding us that Australia’s Next Top Model does not tolerate such behaviour… which is why the producers stepped in and ended the bullying while it took place instead of exploiting the footage to stir up controversy. I particularly enjoyed Demelza’s claim that there are “two sides to every story”: yes, on the one hand, you poured water over Alamela’s head for no reason other than to humiliate her; but on the other hand, you’re a skank.

Jonathan Pease (who I’m back to loathing after wavering dangerously close to admiration last week) informed the girls that the theme of this episode was “brand personality”. Translation: “product placement”. Nary a scene passed that didn’t shove a brand name into our faces without even a hint of irony, and the tacky shamelessness of it all lent the episode a soul-stealing rottenness that’s fast turning me off the series.

Incidentally, a hefty chunk of the show took place in the offices of Naked Communications, a media-type business that Jonathan described as “brilliant”. Unfortunately he forgot to mention that he works there. Isn’t that kind of… dodgy?

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9 Responses to “Brand binge [Australia’s Next Top Model]”

  1. What?? Jonathan works at Naked Communication? Erk. I didn’t realise Alamela was my favourite either…till they got rid of her. Also the feedback they gave her was so lame – “be a bit more like the other girls”????

  2. I knew Alamela was my favourite all along and I blame Jonathan for getting rid of her, since he was on the judging panel. He hated Alice the whole way too, remember. Well picked, Mr Pease!

  3. I thought Alamela brought a lot to the show, but in fairness, I don’t think she was a very versatile model. She just seemed to be able to project ‘Alamela’ and that’s it. So I think it was fair that she went on the grounds of her modelling, but sad for her based on what happened last week.

    I know what you mean about the brands, but every TV show is like that now. Have you seen Big Brother lately? But I guess without the advertisers and sponsors, there wouldn’t be an Australian television industry. So I’m not holding my breath that product placement will go away.

  4. I don’t generally mind product placement on reality shows (or on any TV show, really) – you’re right, it’s just how the biz works. But I found last night’s product placement particularly bad because it was dressed up as something OTHER than product placement… it just made the whole thing seem really tacky.

  5. It was very product placement heavy I agree, but I thought that it was in keeping with what models are required to do e.g. a photo shoot for a car company, an underwear fashion show and then auditioning for a product based advertisment – again something would be asked of models in the real world. So I thought it was a lot less obvious than standing in front of a big KFC Twister ad like they do on Big Brother. Now that’s blatant and unimaginative – in my opinion.

  6. pondie84 Says:

    This is going back a week… but how weird is it to be scared of Edward Scissor Hands?

  7. Alamela Says:

    I always get a laugh out of your stories. Thanks so much for all the kind, and not so kind, words. Sorry to be departing so soon, feel free to make up gossip just to put me in your blogs 🙂

    Have a nice day,

  8. Nice copy and paste effort there, Alamela.

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