Stuff to look forward to [Fringe]

I’m starting to get a teensy bit excited about JJ Abrams’ X-Files-ish new series Fringe: Televisionary caught a sneak peek of the pilot (is that thing going to leak onto the internet soon or what?) and has given it a glowing review:

Fringe is spellbinding television, flawlessly setting up both an intricate overarching mythology (another JJ Abrams specialty) as well as the possibility for self-contained procedural storytelling, a rare combination and one that will undoubtedly work for the series in the long run. As for this jaded critic, I’m going to be the first one in line for what promises to be yet another dizzying and mind-opening JJ Abrams rollercoaster ride.

Whee! I am already a little bit obsessed with this show, which is due to drop in August. If you can’t wait till then, check out the slick trailer at io9.



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