It’s funny because it is racist [hee!]

Usually SNL‘s comedy lacks a little something, if by “something” you mean “ability to induce laughter” (it doesn’t help that the episodes we seem to get here in Australia are so ancient they’re joking about the 2004 presidential election), but Gawker has posted a clip from the recent season finale of the show that masterfully spoofs The Office, and features appearances by Steve Carell and Ricky Gervais.

Go watch here; it’s worth it just for Jason Sudeikis’s pitch-perfect impersonation of John Krasinski.

[Link, via Kapooka Baby]


3 Responses to “It’s funny because it is racist [hee!]”


  2. It is truly brilliant. And I agree that so much of SNL is crapola. Thank god all the best bits end up getting ripped and fed into blogs anyway.

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