“Jesus Christ is not a weapon” [Lost – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1]

I actually went away this last weekend, and spent time in this thing called “out doors” instead of staring zombie-like at the television and sitting hunched over my computer obsessively reading the scores of blogs I’m subscribed to (I know kids, I’m scared too!). So I haven’t yet had time to comment on the latest instalment of Lost, but:

If this is part one, I can’t wait for parts two and three.

One of my friends remarked to me that part one was kind of boring. I disagree, but I can see where he’s coming from: not that much happened, but at the same time, it felt like all the pieces are being set down for parts two and three. (How six of those pieces are going to come together and get off the island when they’re scattered right across the board is beyond me.)

Speaking of the Oceanic 6, their flashforward started off compelling (with the help of Michelle Forbes, whose corporate apparatchik must be dodgy) but quickly descended into treacly territory. I don’t care about Hurley’s lame surprise party; I care about how the O6 get off the island and why they’ve concocted such an elaborate lie about what happened to them.

That said, there were some top moments in the flashforward: Jack discovers that possibly-dead Claire is his half-sister, while Sun royally, deservedly PWN3D her cold-hearted father (I have to wonder exactly how big her Oceanic settlement was if it afforded her a controlling interest in a corporation as yooge as Paik Industries).

Back on the island, Jack was a big jerk to most everyone, as usual. God, he’s a dick; I will be so pissed off if he is in any way involved in this spectacular kiss coming up in two weeks’ time. And in shades of the second-season finale, Kate and Sayid went and got themselves caught by the Others – what’s next, an exploding hatch?

Speaking of hatches, Locke’s ragtag bunch finally made it to the Orchid, found it swarming with Keamy’s ragtag bunch, and then… end of episode. That’s it? No sneak peek at the Orchid’s island-moving, time-travelling, mind-frakking equipment?! What a rip!


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