Battlestar movies planned, geeks explode with glee [Battlestar Galactica]

Galactica Siterep hears a rumour that more Battlestar Galactica movies could be in the pipeline, in the style of 2007’s Razor. Across the world, thousands of geeks take anxious breaths and hope this turns out to be real. Assuming another telemovie would flesh out past plots, I would love to see a little more of that missing year on New Caprica – what exactly was Apollo eating that made him so damn fat?

Meanwhile, there’ll likely be another set of webisodes linking the first half of season four with the second. While any Battlestar is better than no Battlestar, webisodes generally tend to be kind of “meh”, so this news doesn’t exactly leave me needing to change my undies.

[Link, via The Watcher]


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