Bring your tissues to Lost’s season finale [Lost]

Not only is Lost‘s season finale going to suck, it’s also going to be super emotional.

The Los Angeles Times got a sneak peek of the finale this week, and reveals that the opening minutes depict the Oceanic Six reuniting with their families:

The plane [carrying the Oceanic Six] lands at a military base “just west of Honolulu,” and we finally get to see Hurley reunited with his mother and father. Sun hugs her parents (the no-nonsense Mr Paik actually made the trip). Jack is fawned over by his mother. But what makes the moment really special is seeing Hurley bring Sayid over to meet his family. And then there’s Kate holding Aaron. Kate is there all alone.

Sniff! The Times adds that the finale introduces an Oceanic Airlines PR rep played by the kick-ass Michelle Forbes, who better stick around till next season – it’d be a travesty to waste an actress as good as her in a dinky bit part.

Meanwhile, Ausiello sez that the “spectacular kiss” in the finale is “the kind of liplock that ‘stops f—ing time‘ and ‘makes the entire world vanish in the moment'”. Only on Lost could that literally be true.



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¤ Lost finale is going to suck


One Response to “Bring your tissues to Lost’s season finale [Lost]”

  1. pondie84 Says:

    The kiss will be between Hurley and Ben.

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