The girl who is bullied [Australia’s Next Top Model]

This is shameful to admit, but… I’m actually starting to kind of like Jonathan Pease. Yes, he’s awful, but he’s so awful, so supercilious, so soulless, that my regard for him has punched out through contempt and flipped into something resembling admiration. Kill me.

So the crux of this episode was Alamela’s horrible treatment at the hands of Demelza, who ruined any chance she has of landing a professional modelling career post-show by bitching at Alamela for no reason, pouring water on her head, generally being a complete see-you-next-Tuesday, and stupidly allowing this noxious behaviour to be caught on camera. Enjoy that permanently tarnished reputation, D.

Demelza (who’s like a milk dud: sweet on the outside, poison on the inside) and her cohorts, Alyce and Bec, got their comeuppance at the end of the episode when they were sternly told off by the judges… though I can’t help but feel that it’s a tad hypocritical to receive a lecture about the evils of being mean from Charlotte Dawson, Top Model‘s biggest bully.

This week’s eliminee was Belinda, whose obliviously irritating brand of kook will be sorely missed. But probably not.

God, this is a dreadful show. Must. Watch. More.


3 Responses to “The girl who is bullied [Australia’s Next Top Model]”

  1. pondie84 Says:

    I don’t know if you watched last season… which was actually kind of good. This season I’m not completely sold on yet.

    Have to say though that it’s probably one of the few shows Australia does better than the US. Tyra Banks is just awful.

  2. Thanks for the support.
    Hang on, you _like_ Jonathon… I don’t know if I can trust your judgement anymore 🙂
    Have a lovely day,

  3. No, I ALMOST liked him! I was back to hating him by the next week.

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