Survivor goes back to Africa [Survivor]

Boy, am I ever peeved that the first ever season of Survivor I miss (well, I never saw Survivor: Thailand because it didn’t air in Australia, but I suffered through our abysmal local version to make up for it) turns out to be the best season ever.

Changes are afoot for season 17: for one, the show is heading to Gabon, which Jeff Probst reckons is “probably the most remote place we have ever gone” (it’s in Africa, for the record); for another, the show will be shot in HD for the first time. “People with bug bites are gonna look worse, people that don’t have great bodies are gonna look worse, and people who are really attractive are probably gonna look… worse,” says Probst. On the bright side, the scenery will look really awesome. Oh… goody.



2 Responses to “Survivor goes back to Africa [Survivor]”

  1. pondie84 Says:

    It actually was a pretty cool season (Micronesia that is). I’d stopped watching it for the past few seasons and started watching again out of a complete lack of anything else and loved it.

    Also hate to be a complete reality nerd but Marquesas was the season skipped in Australia due to Australian Survivor… I can’t believe how messed up that show was… only topped off in the godawful stakes by Celebrity Survivor.

  2. Hey yeah, it WAS Marquesas that we missed; Thailand was won by that porn star Brian. I should’ve remembered that because for years I never knew how to properly pronounce “Marquesas” because we didn’t get that season.

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