A man who never would [Doctor Who – The Doctor’s Daughter]

You know, calling this episode ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’ is a bit of a cheat. Sure, Jenny was made from the Doctor’s genetic material, but she wasn’t really his real daughter.

All in all this was a good episode, but it was the end that was good, and not the rushed and weird beginning, where suddenly the Doctor, Martha and Donna are in the TARDIS and then they’re in an underground cavern and suddenly the Doctor has been cloned by other clones fighting an endless war against fish-men but the Doctor’s clone is a feisty blonde with great boobs and for some reason Martha and Donna aren’t cloned too and then there’s an explosion and Martha is separated from the others and that was just in the first minute! Whew!

But said daughter-clone, played with gusto by Georgia Moffett, was a lot of fun to have around… even if she didn’t have much to do but smile cheekily, brandish a gun and flip through lasers. Who even cares if her character was as cardboard as they come? I’m chuffed she regenerated after being gunned down in the final act, and I look forward to her inevitable return.

After the overcomplicated plot twists of last week the zippy pace and simplicity of ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’ made a welcome change. I actually laughed out loud following the revelation that the human/Hath war had only been raging for a week – nice one, Donna. Catherine Tate had plenty of smart and funny moments this week, and I reckon she’s giving Freema Agyeman a real run for her money in the companion stakes (though to be fair, Martha didn’t have much to do aside from run around in the cold and stand off uselessly to the side).

But I’m a little worried after Donna commented to a departing Martha that she’s going to travel with the Doctor forever. Donna is so dead, you guys.


One Response to “A man who never would [Doctor Who – The Doctor’s Daughter]”

  1. RTD has stated he’ll never kill off a companion…so Donna won’t be killed off.

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