Now with 99% less Baltar [Battlestar Galactica – Faith]

After two low-key instalments, this week Battlestar delivered a knockout episode crammed with action – even a Cylon-on-Cylon lesbian smooch!

It seems all you need to do to put the brakes on a mutiny is shoot Gaeta in the leg; once that was done, Starbuck led Anders, Athena and a rapidly dispatched redshirt off to Leoben and co’s basestar. There Athena confronted her Stepford-esque fellow Eights, but more curiously, Anders came thisclose to slipping his hand into the Cylon goo. Too bad he didn’t, because there isn’t a Battlestar fan in the world who doesn’t want to know what the outcome would’ve been.

And can you believe Starbuck made friends with Cylons? Sure, she only sucked up to the skinjobs to see the Hybrid, but still – seeing her on relatively good terms with Sixes and Twos (ie, not shooting them between the eyes) was weird.

As for the Hybrid itself… I hate the Hybrid. I hated her cryptobabble in season three, I hated the portentous “first Hybrid” in Razor, and I hated her thousand-yard stare and meaningless riddles in this instalment. Here’s the full wording of her mysterious prophecy…

“A dying leader will know the truth of the opera house. This missing three will give you the five, who have come from the home of the thirteenth. You are the harbinger of death, Kara Thrace. You will lead them all to their end. End of line.”

… but how does the Hybrid know all this crap, anyway?

Speaking of ladies babbling, a newly hairless Roslin (I’m ashamed to admit I snickered at Mary McDonnell’s bald cap) had a good old yarn with Emily, a fellow cancer patient. Maybe it’s just because I’m morbid, but I found their musings on mortality so compelling; what I took away from the subplot is that it’s humanity’s fear of death that drives us to religion, though I’m not sure that’s quite the theme writer Seamus Kevin Fahey intended.

I can’t wait till the Threes are unboxed… the final four are gonna freak.


One Response to “Now with 99% less Baltar [Battlestar Galactica – Faith]”

  1. It’s funny that you have such an intense hatred for the hybrid. I, on the other hand, could watch an entire episode of nothing but the hybrid. I find her strangely fascinating. Although your point about how they know so much is a good one. Maybe they don’t really know anything, and are just babbling a random series of thoughts collected from resurected models.

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