Lost finale is going to suck [Lost]

Damon Lindelof tells The Hollywood Reporter that season four’s upcoming finale is “a more action-driven cliffhanger instead of the mind-bending flash-forward time shift that stunned fans last season”. Translation: the season finale sucks.

Seriously, though, going with a “straightforward action-adventure narrative” is a smart ideal; there’s no way Team Darlton will ever top last year’s “We have to go back”, so they’re better off not trying.

Lindelof hinted that after the series wraps up for good in 2010, he and Carlton Cuse are going to go into hiding for a couple of months. “We can guarantee our show will not end with a cut to black [like The Sopranos did,” he said. “It will be more clear than that. But whenever anything you love ends… there’s a certain disappointment.” Translation: the series finale sucks. (And do you really believe that publicity-lovin’ Darlton will skip the finale aftermath? Me neither.)



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