Hayden’s big ol’ leeeeesbian crush [gossip]

Heroes starlet Hayden Panettiere admits she has a big lesbian crush on… drumroll, please… Angelina Jolie. OMG, Hayden, don’t you know having a girlcrush on Angelina is such a cliche? Other objects of her affection include Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron and Kate Beckinsdale, who are also girlcrush cliches (well, Kate would be a cliche if she were still famous, probably).

The Sun adds that Hayden has been “dogged by rumours she’s a lesbian”, which seems like a pretty sneaky way to start rumours she’s a lesbian.


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3 Responses to “Hayden’s big ol’ leeeeesbian crush [gossip]”

  1. Appropriately, the male equivalent of a cliche gay crush is Brad Pitt.

  2. Also: you missed out the Xena battle cry.



    Also, straight men admit to having gay crushes?

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