Big Brother hates our guts [Big Brother]

I’m trying to like this season of Big Brother. But it’s tough for me to do that when the producers seem determined to ruin the show: first they jam Corey into the house in a spinelessly sensationalist twist, now they’re inserting Carson Kressly in there.

Uch. Carson’s appearance comes in a “special” (yeah… special ed) titled Carson Crashes Big Brother’s Closet and coincides with last week’s premiere of his ghastly new series How to Look Good Naked.



3 Responses to “Big Brother hates our guts [Big Brother]”

  1. Well, it’s still not quite the trainwreck that was Quentin Crashes Big Brother, but it’s still super lame. Remember the first season when we just watched the housemates and there were no stupid celebrity tie-ins?*

    *Actually, I think there was a Secret Life of Us tie-in or something, but it mainly involved them watching it on TV and Sarah Marie declaring it ‘good’.

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  3. Yeah I agree, this is the worst piece of cross-promotion I’ve seen in a long time.

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