Gorgasm: The Legend of Dongslayer [30 Rock – Cooter]

This week’s instalment of 30 Rock was the second-season finale, and wow: Weirdest. Cliffhanger. Ever. Will Jack turn gay for Matthew Broderick? Will Tracy make billions from his porn video game Gorgasm: The Legend of Dongslayer? And will Kenneth escape the man pointing a gun at him at the Beijing Olympics for some reason? (Wait, what?)

Big things were promised for this episode and big things were delivered: this was the strongest material 30 Rock‘s pulled out since it returned from the strike. Jack found himself somewhere even worse than level 12, working for the Bush administration alongside a dorkus malorkus nicknamed “Cooter Burger” (Matthew Broderick, deftly wielding his po-faced dorkiness) (seriously, can you believe he’s married to Sarah Jessica Parker) and desperate to reclaim his crown at GE.

Meanwhile, Liz suspected she might be pregnant to Dennis Duffy, but was thwarted by off-brand Mexican cheese curls packed with evaporated bull semen; Kenneth battled rival page Donny in a bid to make it to Beijing; and Tracy fulfilled his dream of launching an erotic video game (“Touch my knee’s butt”).

There were almost too many cartoonish and hilarious bits to keep track of (the wonderfully self-indulgent video Jenna produced for Kenneth, “backdoor bragging”, the candle under the lampshade, Edie Falco’s unexpected single-scene comeback), but the highlight of the episode was the lovely, simple scene of Jack listening to Liz’s voicemail messages. I’ve never been a Jack/Liz shipper, but I almost wanted them to make a baby together when he reunited with her. 


2 Responses to “Gorgasm: The Legend of Dongslayer [30 Rock – Cooter]”

  1. Linkstar Says:

    I almost fell off my chair laughing when Jack looked at Scooter and said “Let’s do this.”

    Also, the explanation of Cooter’s nickname is hilarious.

  2. Slightly disappointed in this finale. Kenneth’s vomit was laugh-out-loud funny but the Jack/Cooter storyline didn’t work for me.

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