How I Met Your Mother’s mother revealed? [comedy]

I’m not a big fan of How I Met Your Mother, but I am a big fan of obsessive TV-show analysis. Some super-obsessive Mother lovers (see what I did there?) have analysed the sitcom frame-by-frame, and reckon they’ve confirmed rumours that Sarah Chalke’s character Stella is the woman who marries leading man Ted and becomes the titular mother.

So check these screenshots out:

The photo frame that appears in the background when Ted is telling his life story to his kids in the future is the same frame that appears in Stella’s apartment in the present day (God this show is confusing when you try to explain it). Apparently this proves that Stella and Your Mother are the same woman, because why else would the photo appear in both places?

Well, maybe the set dressers are lazy, but I appreciate the obsessiveness.

[Link, via TV Squad]


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