Claire is so going to die [Lost]

Well, Claire might be going to die: Spoilers Lost reckons we “shouldn’t be surprised if the Grim Reaper strikes again, targeting one of our favourite castaways”, and who else could it be but Claire? Besides, someone always dies in Lost’s season finales: in season one it was Doc Arzt, in season two it was the hatch (shut up, the hatch totally counts), in season three it was Charlie; I predict Claire’s number is up this year.



2 Responses to “Claire is so going to die [Lost]”

  1. She won’t die, it would make Charlie’s sacrafice for Claire meaningless and the ‘raised by another’ prophecy is starting to become important again (Dead!Charlie told future!Hurley and he brought it up to future!Jack in the latest episode). I’m sticking to my theory that she is totally alive, and most probably shacking up with Sawyer on island still.

  2. True, I am already reconsidering my speculation. Claire’s death is kinda predictable, and I doubt the Lost team will go down such an obvious path.

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