Noah Bennet’s huntin’ villains [Heroes]

Bespectacled Heroes star Jack Coleman talks to TV Guide about the upcoming, highly anticipated (by me, anyway) third season of the show, revealing that Bennet picks up where we last saw him: working for the Company (and possibly attempting to assassinate Nathan Petrelli).

“I’m currently incarcerated and at the bottom of Level Five in the Company facility,” Coleman says of his character. “I think there may be an escape in the offing, but at a cost.” He adds that he’ll likely be hunting the titular villains of the drama’s third volume, which suggests to me that said villains will escape from somewhere… mostly likely the same facility Bennet is being held in.

Jack also spills on Claire, who plans to use her powers for the greater good; Hiro, who’s tied up at Yakamoto Industries; and Mohinder, who’ll finally grow a pair. About damn time.



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