Serena did WHAT?! [Gossip Girl – All About My Brother]

The most appropriate reaction to this week’s instalment of Gossip Girl is a simple OMFG, so here goes: OMFG.

After last week’s episode I didn’t think it was possible for me to hate Jenny any more than I already did… but whaddaya know, she goes and plumbs new depths of wretchedness. From brushing off Dan’s brotherly concerns to disrespecting dear old dad to betraying Erik (who she was so sweet to, not so long ago) to knowingly dating a gay guy in exchange for social betterment, it seems there’s no despicable low Little J won’t go to.

But while I merely hate Jenny, who was blissfully overthrown by Queen B in the end, I love to hate Georgina Sparks. Seriously: what a crazy, frakked-up sociopathic mofo. Inserting herself into Dan and Vanessa’s stupid clique? Genius. Outing Erik at a family dinner? Such cruelty! Blackmailing Serena with what appears to be a kinky sex tape? Georgina, you magnificent minx.

The much-hyped gay plot unwound pretty much as expected – everyone found out Erik was gay, he coolly blew off his closeted douchebag boyfriend (ew, not in that way), Lily lovingly accepted his homo ways, blah blah; the only surprise in the whole plot was the revelation that Erik shared his secret with a supportive Chuck. That’s kind of… sweet. And weird.

In the end, though, the gay bomb was eclipsed by an even bigger bombshell: Serena killed someone. (Now there’s some killer goss for Gossip Girl, nyuck nyuck nyuck.) Of course we all know it’s going to turn out Serena is innocent and Georgina has framed her for the crime, but that’s a big exciting dose of melodrama that’s just been injected into the show.

But that shock cliffhanger can’t minimise the ep’s huge flaw: for all the gay-plot hoopla, we never ever saw any guy-on-guy action. It’s a frustratingly conservative approach from a drama that prides itself on its scandals, especially given the show will no doubt flaunt its girl-on-girl kiss in coming weeks.

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  1. nice post!
    i love the first sentence,
    and enjoyed reading it! 🙂

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