Pondering [Lost]

In the latest Lost, crazy-future-Hurley told slightly-less-crazy-future-Jack that he reckons the Oceanic 6 never got off the Island and are, in fact, dead. Later, as Bernard attempted to talk irrational-Island-Jack into knocking himself out for his damn operation, he remarked that Jack might prefer to dream of “something nice back home”.

As well as giving the episode its title, this comment shared a surreal sentiment with what Hurley said – is Jack just dreaming his cushy future-life with Kate? Did he die on the operating table and shuffle off to some parallel otherworld-thing? Or are Bernard’s and Hurley’s lines merely inserted into the script to mess with us?

Meanwhile, Alan Sepinwall notes something of potential importance: I read Jack’s “you’re not even related to [Aaron]!” crack to Kate as yet another meaningless instance of him being a dick, but Alan speculates it implies that future-Jack knows he’s related to Claire and, by extension, Aaron.

Lastly, Defamer wonders: what exactly is the deal with Jack’s disappearing body hair? Should we add it to the ever-expanding list of mysteries, or does Matthew Fox just prefer to go smooth?

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¤ “You’re not supposed to raise him” – ‘Something Nice Back Home


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