Mutiny on the Demetrius [Battlestar Galactica – The Road Less Travelled]

When Battlestar Galactica‘s fourth season comes out on DVD, ‘The Road Less Travelled’ is one of those episodes that you’ll skip over if you’re looking for plot development but mull over if you’re looking for character development. While nothing much happened, this episode was a compelling look at exactly where our favourite space-hoppers are at.

‘Road’ divided its time between Starbuck on the Demetrius and Baltar on Galactica. The latter puzzles me right now: is he really on a quest for redemption, or is his ever-growing cult just a new way for him to gain power and attention? His moving sermon to a suicidal Chief suggests the former, though I can’t help but remember his troubled reaction after Tory’s post-coital remark that the “movement” only has followers drawn from the loony fringes of the colony; it’s possible Baltar is only reaching out to Tyrol so he can rope in someone who matters.

The thick tension aboard the Demetrius provided the real meat of the episode: Starbuck, full of wild energy, is becoming even crazier in her Earth-quest. After her decision to keep Leoben around (inadvertently) caused a death, can you really blame the crew for the mutiny?

I get why Starbuck follows Leoben around – he did a real number on her on New Caprica – but why would Helo consider Leoben’s proposed Cylon/human truce even for a second? Sure, we know that Leoben is telling the truth about the Cylon civil war, but for all the Demetrius crew knows he’s just using his manipulator mojo to lead them into a trap. I would’ve been interested to see what Athena, a genuinely reformed Cylon, thinks of the whole thing.

And I kinda missed Adama, Roslin, Lee, Six and everyone else… though I can’t say I missed those boring quorum scenes.


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  1. […] And, maddest of all, Starbuck is back in charge of the CAG. The same Starbuck who’s spent the last couple of months dying, coming back to life, attempting to assassinate the president, cuddling up to known Cylons and leading ill-fated expeditions in search of Earth. What? […]

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