Gatecrashers revealed [Big Brother]

Behind Big Brother has the scoop on the “gatecrashers” (read: intruders) who will enter the house on tonight’s instalment of Big Brother, not including young Corey. They are Barney, a 33-year-old model, lifesaver and Cleo bachelor who’s “loved by female members of [the BBBA forum]”; Michael, a 27-year-old Victorian who’s kind of a big deal in the hardcore music scene; and Nathan, a 27-year-old “extrovert to the core” (read: closeted to the core).

Interesting that they’re all men; add Corey to the mix and that’s four boys added to the house at the end of a week where two women have left. I can’t see the gatecrashers diminishing the power of the boys’ club clique that’s forming in there.



One Response to “Gatecrashers revealed [Big Brother]”

  1. Hah, just last night my boyfriend and I were arguing over whether there were actually any straight-edgers left. I doubted there were, but I guess I was wrong. That said, being anti-drugs and sex is hardly going to be unique in this year’s BB house, so whatever.

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