The 50 best TV shows of all time [lists]

Two Simpsons-related posts in a row? What is this, some sort of Simpsons-loving Simpsons blog?

Anyway, OFF have topped Empire‘s list of the 50 greatest TV shows of all time. Wrote the nerdlicious magazine: “You can put The Simpsons in almost any category you like and it will come out on top. Best animated show. Best sitcom. Best family show. The list goes on… at its greatest, it’s untouchable. Best. Show. Ever.” So nice, so true.

Several of my favourites make the top 10, including Lost, The X-Files and Spaced, as well as a bunch of geek favourites.



3 Responses to “The 50 best TV shows of all time [lists]”

  1. The Top 10 were ok, but I felt the rest of the list was way too focussed on recent shows. No MASH?

  2. Yeah, I agree, but I’m inclined to forgive Empire because of their obvious geek-bias.

  3. That list is okay, but having Arrested Development all the way down at number 18 really hurts me..

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