Big Brother jumps the shark [Big Brother]

Big Brother, which briefly threatened to actually be good this year, has swirled noisily down the toilet, never to return: yes, Corey Worthington really is going into the house. Per the official site:

For all the controversy, all the comments people have been making and all the debate, this is a teenager who we know very little about. We may have watched a short video clip of him, gaped at his audacity and quite possibly, made some judgments.

Whatever yours was – is – Corey going into the House will do one thing for sure… let us get to know a whole lot more about him.

What is this guy really like? What reactions does he have when he’s not being challenged? When he’s going through different emotions? Or when he’s interacting with our Housemates?

On the scale of boneheaded decisions this hovers somewhere between “Reuniting with Oafish Ex” and “Falling for Nigerian Email Scam”, but at least now we know why Corey’s kept his mug hidden behind  sunglasses and hats.



10 Responses to “Big Brother jumps the shark [Big Brother]”

  1. I am wishing he left those hideous sunnies on, he’s got piggy little eyes.

    And BB was doing quite well up until this point.


  2. I know right? I honestly feel really disappointed.

  3. pondie84 Says:

    As soon as I told my boyfriend about this he made me promise we will never watch another day of Big Brother again… I seriously don’t know how this is meant to make people WANT to watch it…

  4. I hate Corey as much as the next person, but this will make for pretty fascinating TV, if for only one episode. Everybody dislikes him so much, what are they going to say to him trapped in a house on live TV? You can’t tell me you won’t be watching.

  5. True, I’ll probably watch, but I don’t really see what he can bring to the house. It’s not like he can plan any epic parties in there. And after the HMs realise who he is it’s going to be sooooooo awkward, and not in a fun way.

  6. I know this has nothing to do with BB per se but…

    I thought his name was Corey Delaney???

  7. I think that was his fake name, or alias, or there were legal issues with using that name, or something…?

  8. I think it was because Delaney is, like his step-father’s name or something.

  9. “And after the HMs realise who he is it’s going to be sooooooo awkward, and not in a fun way.”

    Nooo, that’s my point, it WILL be fun, because it will be a total trainwreck.

  10. […] blame Corey; clearly his inclusion in this year’s cast has cursed the entire […]

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