High-school drama = the best kind of drama [Friday Night Fights – The Paper]

If you’re not already watching The Paper, go watch it here. Seriously, if you’re reading this right now bored out of your mind searching for something to do, go watch it. No other reality show has so successfully captured the essence of high school.

So in this week’s episode the managing editor of the school paper, this charmingly irritating Tracy Flick-type called Amanda, worried about her deteriorating friendship with the co-editor Alex – not realising he bitches about her behind her back all the time. Ha!

So as Amanda is desperate to patch things up with Alex, on whom she harbours this completely obvious monster crush, he’s off asking out this other girl via text message. So fabulously embarrassing. I seriously can’t wait till next week, when Amanda finds out Alex is dating someone else. Dramas!



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