Ripper! [gossip]

Fear not, Buffy fans: the spin-off series Ripper hasn’t been forgotten. It’s just languishing in development hell!

Anthony Stewart Head spoke to Digital Spy about the mooted spin-off, which would focus on the wacky supernatural adventures of his Buffy character Rupert Giles, revealing that it was bounced back and forth between the UK and the US for a couple of years, then interrupted by the writers’ strike, then interrupted by Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse pick-up.

But it seems like if Ripper ever actually gets made, Tony reckons it’be worth the wait:

I wouldn’t want to give [the story] away. All I can say is that it’s a ghost story. But a ghost story with a real Joss Whedon difference. It’s got such a twist to it. But I wouldn’t want to give it away. It would be the worst spoiler of all time.

Dun dun!

[Link, via TV Squad]


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