Hannah Montana is sorry she’s such a skank [news]

Disney startet and burgeoning pop tart Miley Cyrus has apologised for those supposedly racy Vanity Fair photographs that, depending on your preference, either make her look like a) she’s just waking up from a marathon session of sex’n’drugs, or b) a classy and innocent young lass on the verge on womanhood.

If you’re not up to scratch on your tween sensations, the pic is controversial because Miley’s only 15 (even though she has a 40-year-old smoker’s voice), and her fans are all like six. Dun! The pic is doubly controversial because it’s appeared just a couple of days after saucy MySpace pics of Miley circulated the net. Dun dun! Won’t somebody please think of the children?

Disney was also critical of the pics: “A situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines.”

Yes, because Disney would never manipulate an underage performer in order to sell anything.



4 Responses to “Hannah Montana is sorry she’s such a skank [news]”

  1. Is She really on drugs

  2. she is a total skank slut and whore.

  3. hallo hannnah …ju are veri dut….ju are beautiful

  4. so lastnight i fucked miley cyrus. she is soooo hott. oh and if u wanna see nude pics of her just e mail me!

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