Canal Road snubbed by viewers, network [Canal Road]

In some of the least surprising news in the world, the new Aussie drama Canal Road has been cancelled. Because it stinks.

Well… not cancelled cancelled, but Nine has pushed the fledgling series back into a 10.30pm timeslot in favour of Hell’s Kitchen, which is TV-speak for “You suck”.



One Response to “Canal Road snubbed by viewers, network [Canal Road]”

  1. Well I watched it from the first FREE lingerie and poise tru to city lights via a high sensual shiny reflective window scene form the very start.
    It knocked the living hell out of gangland , gangland took it’s stock too seriously, whereas the psychiatric unit show did wonders for saying alot on how flexible a system is when large amounts of subsidised private money or federal power tripping war on everything departments pour in such vast loads of money that sex is never an issue as it has been overdone, and so as drugs- as the show will note that drugs that are narcotic are not as valuable as drugs without prescription and readily available where a doctor just wont give the nice side of the bag to people- as in the city of melbourne itself. eg – yopu get drill bit to head- your mum gets effexor(knocks xtc away – alllows sexual activity, deep subconcious self programming and semi conscious 14 hour orgasms)- now all gangland was about was a load of idiots who dont know that law and medicine can go real nice or real nasty,done by a load of idiots who couldnt even know what happens when you hold a wad of cash- as demonstrated in canal road. say no more – obviously people want to see a load of garbage to re-enforce a message , rather than the truth that these uni brats do have it thier way, will have it thier way and have had the best stick end from the start- represented by a show where the best end went all around for a change!!! And also how the patients are caught between morals , average bird watching, robbery & a bit of sexual force by a rookie nurse with no bloody idea who turns around and belts into your pay packet was very true- more true than pool ques ithout long grudges held by the persons connectede to missing eyes 4 eyes.

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