The science of Lost [Lost]

Lost masterminds Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse talk to Popular Mechanics about the science behind their show, which pretty much boils to: it’s based in actual theories that are elevated to a fictional level. But the duo warn that we shouldn’t expect future plots to adhere to real-world science:

Lindelof: Hopefully it won’t feel like it’s a cop out [if there’s a non-rational or fictional or magical explanation of the island’s happenings], because we never promised a show that was based entirely and grounded in science. It’s nice that it’s able to do that, but we reserve the right to go in the direction that the uber-plan directs us.

Which is interesting because early on in the show’s run Lindelof said “nothing [on Lost] is flat-out impossible. There are no spaceships. There isn’t any time travel”. Hmmm. I wonder: did the writers once have a “rational” direction for the series that’s since been scrapped; or, did they stick with their rational plan but adorn it with “irrational” stuff like time-travel and teleportation?

Or, if you can’t be effed mulling over the science-type mysteries, E! has a great interview with Michael Emerson about last night’s episode. Frankly I think I’d be way too creeped out to ever address him, but he does have some intriguing insights about what’s going on in Ben’s head, and where he thinks Lost is heading. Could it be that Ben will ultimately turn out to be the show’s hero?


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