Sexist and the City? [Sex and the City]

The Sydney Morning Herald poses the question: is Sex and the City feminist or the same old sexist “orgy of triviality and consumerism”?

It’s both, leaning towards the latter – and I say that as a big fan of the show. (Last night I caught a rerun of the episode where Harry asks Charlotte to marry him, and I cried. Actual misting up occurred. God, I’m a sap.)

On the feminist side: the gals are intelligent, independent, liberated, and the series never tut-tuts down its nose at all the sex they enjoy. On the sexist side: I know I wasn’t the only one disappointed when the series ended with the foursome all happily paired off with the men are their dreams – wouldn’t it have been a whole lot more satisfying if Carrie had realised Big had been dicking her around for six years, and told him to go jump? Why are the leading ladies so dependent on men to complete their stories?

I couldn’t help but wonder – is that sexist, or is it just good storytelling?



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