“I need to clear my thoughtsicles” [30 Rock – Succession]

‘Succession’ was a successful episode (ha, see what I did there?) almost despite itself: usually I mightn’t have much liked an instalment focused so squarely on Jack’s corporate ladder-climbing and Tracy’s general craziness, but this one was top stuff. So many great one-liners (“The only thing we should be ashamed of is our bodies”)! So much shameless silliness! So much Dr Spaceman (“Diabetes repair, I guess?”)!

You know you’re on a winner when you’re watching a comedy that seamlessly combines Mozart and the Uncanny Valley with pornography and video games. 30 Rock better revisit Tracy’s porn game and Frank’s porn-game envy in future episodes, because it was possibly the best stuff the show’s pulled out post-writers’ strike.

And Liz. Oh, Liz. I would also happily have ditched the gorillas, gone for the corporate money, slapped my friends in the face and pioneered “button classic” if given the chance, and I’d fake-pash Will Arnett in an elevator. Funnily enough, I found a lot of the Devon Banks stuff a little lacklustre even though I adore Arnett – but anyone is probably going to come off second-best against porn video games and Dr Spaceman.

I knew Jack would have to lose the CEO job somehow but didn’t expect it to go to Devon’s frumpy fiancee. I’m to see Jack’s revenge – it’s sure to be Machiavellian and delicious.


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