Dufferly Duff, 9021-Duff [gossip]

Is Her Toothiness Hilary Duff being lined up for a primo role on the 90210 revamp? That’s the word from E! Kristin Dos Santos, who reports that La Duff has been approached to play Annie Hills, a high-school emo kid who runs with the theatre club.

Okay, there is no way Duffy will end up starring in 90210. She got her break playing TV’s Lizzy McGuire, and I’m sure she’d see a return to the small screen as a total step backwards in her (admittedly non-existent) career.

On the other hand, Hilary’s even horsier sister Haylie would totally be up for it.


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¤ Now there’s even less reason to watch the 90210 remake


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