Never break character [South Park – Super Fun Time]

Butters is such an adorable, desperately pathetic little schmuck that my heart breaks a little every time someone screws him over. Tonight it was Cartman doing the screwing (how unexpected!), literally dragging poor Butters away from a school excursion so he could play at a fun centre across the street.

The boys left the rest of their class at behind at Pioneer Village, a historical education park where the actors flatly refused to break out of their “1800s colonial settler” characters… even when terrorists invaded. The subsequent Die Hard-style plot wasn’t an arch satire, nor a grandiose adventure (and nor did it have any truly memorable moments, like last week’s dirtiest gag ever), but it was fun and silly enough to make me sad that new South Park won’t be back until, like, forever.

Plus, it featured a buttload of hardcore cartoon violence:



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