Bitch, bitch, bitch [The Paper – The New School Year Begins]

If I’d gone to high school with Amanda, the heroine of my new favourite reality show The Paper, I would’ve haaaaated her. She’s goofy, indefatigably confident, and completely oblivious to how she comes off to her classmates. She’s the kind of gal who plans an entire week’s outfits on a Sunday, for frak’s sake. But… you know, she’s really kind of adorable.

But her classmates. OH MY GOD. Can they please get over the fact that Amanda is editor-in-chief of the school paper and quit bitching about every little thing she says and does? The best part of episode’s two constant stream of petty bitching was when Amanda’s 2IC Alex promised her they’d stay pals, and in the very next scene he went behind her back and slagged her off to his other friends. Ha! I miss high school.

Anyway, go watch the second episode online and tell me the paper’s business editor Adam isn’t a total flamer.



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