And then… [Lost]

Remember the third season finale of Lost (like you could forget), when it turned out Jack and Kate escaped the island and Jack demanded they go back and Kate got pissy and drove away and they were in the future ZOMG!

Turns out we’ll be seeing what happened right after that in the fourth season finale, which will continue the scene. This is such a teensy, mundane little spoiler but it sets my fanboy heart aflutter – I love when Lost revisits old scenes with new information, or from a different POV. Every time we see the Others gawking at Flight 815 breaking apart in the sky, I get a little inappropriately excited.

Check out the video of that mind-frakking season three finale after the jump. Would you believe I’m such a dummy that when I first watched this scene I didn’t guess the twist, and I was all, “Jate secretly knew each other before the plane crash ZOMG!” What a dummy.



One Response to “And then… [Lost]”

  1. Haha, I thought the same about the flash forward too (didn’t catch it was a FF not a FB).

    I even noticed his modern phone too and it STILL didn’t click with me. Haha, oh well.

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