Is it time for new Lost yet? [Lost]

Ausiello has a few tidbits about forthcoming instalments of Lost, revealing: “An elaborate ******* scene was shot last week. And I hear all of the Oceanic Six were present and accounted for.”

Hmm. I would’ve guessed that the asterisks stood for “rescue”, but that has six letters and there are seven stars. We already know there’s a  “spectacular” kiss coming up, so perhaps it’s an elaborate kissing scene that’s just been filmed?

Meanwhile, it seems that “organised crime will play a big part” in Caprica, which: hee. I know they’ve promised to keep the spin-off gritty, but mobster subplots kinda makes Caprica sound sudsier than ever,



2 Responses to “Is it time for new Lost yet? [Lost]”

  1. Duh, I read this earlier and just realised what the stars stood for.


    The coffin from the end of last season.

  2. jetsamjr Says:

    Oh yeah, that’s a real possibility. Actually, now that I think about he, Ausiello could be referring to Nadia’s funeral scene, which we all totally know about anyway.

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