OMFG, Gossip Girl is back in less than 24 hours! [Gossip Girl]

Settle down, kids. Deep breaths…

To celebrate Gossip Girl‘s return to the airwaves (an event even more exciting than that time Serena came back to NYC after attending boarding school for six months because she slept with her best friend’s boyfriend), New York magazine has run a feature on the show (that is even more stunning than the gown Serena wore to her cotillion ball where she had her gorgeous hair tied in this simple yet elegant knot and it looked amazing).

This feature is awesome not only because it’s about the hottest teen drama on the block, but also because it a) confirms that scores of other adults who should probably know better are also obsessed with the show, and b) it lists the six reasons why Gossip Girl fucking rules. And it even has charts! Everyone loves charts!

I am so jealous of the me who exists 24 hours in the future and who has already seen the new episode. That bastard.

[Link, via Gawker]


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