Gossip boy appeases crazed fan [Gossip Girl]

I’m amused by this interview with Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick (aka “the ugly one”) and his answer to a stalkertastic question:

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you?
This dude who is a big fan of the whole show, he gave us lunchboxes. He gave me my very own Chuck Bass/Ed Westwick lunchbox. I believe he made it himself. Well, I don’t know if he welded the metal and crafted it himself, but he put the covers on it. It was sweet.

Ed’s thought process here is clearly, “This fan takes ‘creepy obsession’ to a whole new level, but since I don’t want him to break into my house  I’m going to pretend he is ‘sweet’ so he doesn’t craft a lampshade out of my skin”. Ed adds that playing wannabe-rapist Chuck hasn’t stopped him picking up in real life, as the ladies are charmed by his English accent. Heh.

In another interview, Blake Lively says each of the five new eps of Gossip Girl will elicit an “OMG” “at least three times”. Only three?



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