“D’oh” still funny in 42nd century [Doctor Who – Planet of the Ood]

It’s not Doctor Who unless some seriously weird shit goes down, and some seriously weird shit went down in this week’s episode.

‘Planet of the Ood’ made so little sense that it made ‘Partners in Crime’ seem like the epitome of straightforward storytelling. The Doctor and Donna set the TARDIS to “random” and ended up on the Ood planet in the distant future, where they liberated the enslaved squid-faced aliens by… freeing a giant telepathic brain? Or something?

In another bizarre scene a security guard had an inexplicable psychotic fit and tried to smash the Doctor with a gigantic robot claw (which the Doctor didn’t think to disable with his sonic screwdriver… der), but in the king of bizarre scenes, an evil corporate apparatchik morphed into an Ood after sucking down a little too much hair tonic.

Yeah, I have no idea how that happened either.

But I was more than happy to follow the Doctor and Donna around, mostly because they’re still such a fun duo. Donna’s adventure-lust in the opening scene was addictive, and I loved to bit where she dressed down the Doctor’s smug superiority over humankind. I’m keen to see how she’ll get on with Martha, who returns next week.

And who else expects colony collapse disorder to play a big part in an upcoming episode? The disappearing bees got a second mention in this episode. Hmm…

[Image Doctor Who official]


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