Death-by-airlock makes its triumphant return! [Battlestar Galactica – The Ties That Bind]

Cylons suuuuure like killing.

‘The Ties That Bind’ stunned me on two counts: first, I didn’t expect Cally to die in this episode, thinking her tortured anguish would be drawn out a little longer. So I was left reeling when Tory ruthlessly airlocked her, even though I should’ve seen it coming.

Second, I did not expect Cally’s death to be so shocking. I frakkin’ hate Cally. The first half of the episode left me wanting to slap her in her whiny face. But the cold, callous end to her life feels like a punch in the guts.

So the Final Four aren’t all sweetness and light. But was Tory’s decision to murder Cally her own, or did her Cylon programming push her down a dark path? I think I prefer it to be the former, because it makes the moral quandary that much stickier, but it’s difficult to say; Tory’s character hasn’t been explored enough for us to judge whether she’s a secret psycho.

This episode was lucky it had such a dramatic conclusion to rescue it – other subplots I couldn’t wait to be over. The quorom was a very drawn out, frustrated way of establishing discord between Lee and Roslin, who’s alienating herself from Lee even as she patches things up with Bill. Meanwhile, Starbuck’s scenes served little purpose, other than reminding us that she loves saying “frak”.

But the Cylon vs Cylon battle has taken a compelling, genocidal turn, though shouldn’t the Sixes and Eights have totally expected Cavil’s attack? I knew he was up to something as soon as he agreed to unbox the D’Annas.


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