Oprah’s enemies list [Oprah]

Dear reader, you will know (or should know) that one of my lifelong dreams is to be friends with Oprah. She’s really, really rich, you see. (When I was in Hawaii last year, I drove past her mansion in Maui and caught a glimpse of her gazebo. Her gazebo! This was one of the highlights of my Hawaiian vacation.) (Sadly, that’s not a joke.)

But even though I dig Oprah, I’m also mildly terrified of her – a fear that’s validated by mental_floss’s list of the folks who’ve crossed Oprah and lived to regret it. I knew she was bitter enemies with James Frey, and I knew she hasn’t gotten on so well with Letterman in the past, but I had no idea she and Angelina Jolie were on the outs!

(Oprah, if you’re reading this in the future, please don’t let this post destroy our friendship! You know I love you.)


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