Nat Bass thinks she can do live TV [So You Think You Can Dance]

So You Think You Can Dance host Natalie Bassingthwaighte admits what everyone’s been thinking: that she kinda sucked when she first started hosting the show:

“In the first few episodes I was absolutely petrified and it obviously came across,” she said at Redfern CarriageWorks where the series is filmed.

“Some of the criticism did hurt, it did make me feel I shouldn’t have done this.

“But I never went out there to say I’m the best host, but you know – I’m having a go.”

Go Nat! Sure, she was a little creaky for the first few weeks of Dance, and sometimes she sucks up to the contestants a little too obviously for my taste, but live TV is a lot harder than it looks, you guys. (And I say this as a person with years of live TV experience under my belt, if by “live TV” you mean “practicing my facial expressions in the bathroom mirror”.) I reckon she’s doing a bang-up job… and also, she’s rool purdy.

[Link, image So You Think You Can Dance official]

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