Gossip Girl: fug or fab? [Gossip Girl]

When I watch Gossip Girl I don’t usually pay much attention to what the rich and beautiful teens are wearing. I’m usually too enraptured in how annoyingly perfect Dan is, or loving Blair because she’s a cold bitch with a broken heart of gold (like me!),  or doodling “Rufus + Lily 4EVA!!!” on the inside cover of my notebook.

(Strangely, I do obsess over the hair – I want to run my fingers through Serena’s and Blair’s lustrous locks. Is that creepy?)

But AOL TV does pay attention to what those Upper East Siders have on, showcasing the show’s best and worst fashions in a super-chic slideshow. Chuck’s scarves earn a deserved mention, as do the picnic rugs and tea cosies that Blair and Mama Waldorf wrapped themselves up in when they went ice-skating in Central Park.

Even through my fashion blindness I’ve noticed that Jenny Humphries is a big fan of fugly berets and skirts. But frankly, you can wear whatever the hell you like when you have pins as awesome as hers. (And that is creepy, because Taylor Momsen is like 14.)

[Link, image AOL TV]


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