“Son of a married couple!” [30 Rock – Subway Hero]

30 Rock is like a glass of lemonade: light, sparkling and bubbly.

Liz’s dunderheaded ex Dennis Duffy slimed his way back into her life in this instalment after rescuing a man on the subway. Oh, Dennis: that beeper-selling boor really is one of TV’s biggest douchebags. Liz, knowing full well what a douchebag Dennis is, mulled over taking him back; luckily a few token words of advice from Jenna (and a fantasy about freezing to death in an arctic woodland) set her on the right path. I have a feeling Dennis will be back to tempt Liz at some point… and I have a feeling she’ll let herself be tempted then, too.

Elsewhere, Kenneth made nice with faded TV star/casual pervert Bucky Bright (played by Tim Conway… who I know almost nothing about, so I didn’t really get into that story), while Jack tried to convince Tracy to become a spokesman for the Republican Party in an amusing, politically cynical subplot.

30 Rock is really starting to feel like Arrested Development in its glory days, crammed with one-liners, subtle references to past episodes, and blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em background jokes. (Did you spot the headlines in the ticker at the bottom of the news bulletin about Dennis?) The sitcom hasn’t reached its potential yet, and I don’t think it will before the end of season two… but it’s on its way.

[Image 30 Rock official]


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