Even more reasons to hate Cosi [The Biggest Loser]

As if you didn’t hate Cosi enough, there’s now two more reasons to think he’s a wanker.

In last night’s episode, our favourite Biggest Loser contestant moaned that a particularly difficult challenge made him feel like Jesus, nailed up on the crucifix. To repeat: he unironically compared himself to Jesus Christ.

So just when I was starting to wonder whether I could possibly like him any less, I stumbled across a TV Week interview in which the former fattie comes across as a puffed-up, bitter blowhard who takes his weight-loss journey far too seriously. Warning: reading it will annoy you.

I hear on the spoiler grapevine that Cosi wins tonight’s super challenge and earns the chance to return to the competition, but that he’s knocked back out again in a handful of episodes. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow.

[Image Biggest Loser official]


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